Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2007

Poem: The Space

By: Haider Qureshi


It was :
When you were in my heart
That the spring used to smile somewhere in my eyes.
And the milky ways used to dance around.
The state of oneness between the Earth and the Heaven
Eliminated the space so dexterously
That there wasn't even a smallest vent left
For the space to seep through !

But it so happened one day
That a terrible blast took place
And the Earth and the Heaven parted
And thus bcame two
And the distance began to increase by leaps and bounds.
And the situation now is so pathetic.
That the spring has ceased to smile
And the milky ways too,
Have stopped dancing.

Now there is a dark space in my eyes;
Stretched far and wide,
And in that space stands my loneliness
With a hurt smile on its lips.
And around it dances
A merciless smile----!

Translated by : Nazim Khalili (Gulbarga, India)

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