Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2007

Poem : Another Sad Story

By: Haider Qureshi

Another Sad Story

How this fog is to spread
all around me
nothing could be imagining
in the fore corners
fragrant and to spread
of freshness and richness
many scenes are there
but fog has all the scenes
captured in this way
my eyes! now any scene
could not touch
but in ears, all the scenes
melodious echo
constantly resounding
any unknown (or known)
pleasure granting
always in the shape of
echo and chirp
creeps till life vein
talk in blood
mixes the sweetness in the soul
but not come in the heart
because all the ways
to heart kingdom
comes from eyes
how fog is this , who divided me
my heart to my life
and my life is in search of my heart
but there is no attachment
between one another
a strange fog is to spread
all the scenes meet me
in the shape of call
this attractive fog
look like two drops
when stand on my eyelashes

Translated by: Shahid Raza (Bure Wala, Pakistan)

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